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Important Role Of Technology In Globalization 2024

Role Of Technology In Globalization

Globalization may be a term too simply used while not relevancy the fundamental sanction native role of technology. It’s the interaction between on the market technology and therefore the prevailing social processes, particularly dominant institutional forms that have determined the long method of globalization. Role Of Technology In Globalization this method has suffered phases exhibiting varied core characteristics as production, transport and communications technologies particularly have reticulate with the institutional structures of nation-states, military forces, and corporations particularly. However, a general trend to geographical and tangentially international growth has been constant, alongside associate degree intensification of knowledge process and communications capability. The role of technology has been to alter this physical growth culminating in globalization, together with the techno-industrial capability that progressively drove it through the development of higher and cheaper artifacts.


Today, the economic process is usurping a more modern, faster, and additional thorough kind. This is often due, in massive half, to political and trade policies that have allowed economic structuring to open up in an exceedingly manner that facilitates each domestic and international trade.


  • The improvement in economic power
  • Increased living standards
  • Provision of regardful opportunities
  • Enhance productivity and general output.


The increasing intensity of worldwide information flows points to big advantages of the economic process. Whereas economic process has been a lot of criticized for its potential negative facet effects, our study shows that economic process has amplified unfold of technology across borders in 2 ways in which.

First, the economic process permits countries to realize easier access to foreign information. Second, it enhances international competition including as a result of the increase of rising market firms and this strengthens firms’ incentives to introduce and adopt foreign technologies.

The positive impact has been particularly giant for rising market economies that have created increasing use of the accessible foreign information and technology to spice up their innovation capability and labor productivity growth.

As an example, over 2004–14, information flows from the technology leaders could have generated, for a mean country-sector, about 0.7 decimal point of labor productivity growth p.a… This amounts to concerning forty p.c of the determined average productivity growth over 2004–14.

Technology-Business Insight in Globalisation Era | we discover that one necessary issue behind the build-up of innovation capability in rising market economies has been their growing participation in international offer chains with transnational corporations, the’ not all corporations have benefitted as multinationals typically reapportion some innovation activity to alternative components of the worldwide worth chain.



It stimulates unfold of information and technology, serving to unfold growth potential across countries. However, interconnection as such isn’t enough. The assimilation of foreign data and therefore the capability to create thereon most frequently needs scientific and engineering ability. Investments in education, human capital, and domestic analysis and development are therefore essential to create the capability to soak up and with efficiency use foreign data.

It additionally needs AN acceptable degree of protection and respect of material possession rights both domestically and internationally. To preserve the power of innovators to recover prices whereas making certain that the new data supports growth globally.

Policymakers should conjointly ensure that the positive growth advantages from globalization and technological innovation square measure shared wide across the population, as well as by guaranteeing that innovating companies don’t exploit the recently any heritable technology to realize excessive management of a market to the damage of customers.


The first class includes the attempts of innovators to get economic blessings by

Exploiting their technological competencies in markets apart from the domestic one. We have

Preferred to label this class ‘international’ as opposition ‘global’, since the players that

Introduce innovations preserve their own national identity, even once such innovations area unit

Diffused and marketed in additional than one country. Companies might value more highly to a range of methods in

Order to get economic returns from their innovations in foreign markets.


In recent times, the 3rd variety of economic processes of innovative activities has created a forceful entry on the scene. This, in some ways in which, is intermediate to the 2 preceding classes.

Technological collaborations occur once 2 different companies commit to establish joint ventures to develop technical data and/or merchandise.

The Winner(s) of Globalization – popcomm


  • the joint-venture ought to be one thing quite Associate occasional and
  • informal collaboration
  • companies preserve their ownership
  • the majority of the collaboration is related to sharing ability and/or the generation of recent merchandise and processes


  • The professionals of the economic process
  • Several positive aspects of the economic process include:
  • Building up the economic and social structures of troubled countries and economies through trade
  • Creation of a res public and fewer and fewer compartmentalized power sectors
  • Learning concerning and sharing recent and attention-grabbing cultures
  • The opportunity and want for prosperous nations to assist countries combating serious problems like state, disease, and natural disasters

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Though it comes with perks, there are a unit variety of cons to economic process that analysts and critics have noted for years. They include:

  • The oppression of weaker and poorer economies by those who area unit a lot of robust; “the made get richer, the poor get poorer”
  • The danger of job loss, with sure industries and sectors causation jobs to countries wherever staff area unit willing to try to to a similar quantity of labor or a lot of for smaller wages
  • Multinational firms typically depart with poor, unsafe, unethical, or explicatory operating conditions thanks to variations in in-laws and rules from one country to a different
  • Multinational firms will exploit land nations, causation giant parts of revenue offshore to avoid taxation

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